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Tranquil Dream Tea Blend

Tranquil Dream Tea Blend

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Discover Tranquil Dreams Tea: Your Path to Serenity

At Herbaminah.Co, we believe in the power of nature's remedies to bring you inner peace and restful nights. Our "Tranquil Dreams Tea" is carefully crafted and curated with love to guide you into a world of serenity.

Chamomile: At the heart of this blend lies the gentle embrace of chamomile. Known for centuries as a natural sedative, chamomile soothes your mind and body. As you sip, feel the warmth of its tender hold, helping you release the tensions of the day.

Milky Oats: Milky oats are like a lullaby for your nervous system. Each sip cradles you closer to tranquility, relieving the restlessness that can sometimes keep you awake. It's nature's remedy to guide you into a gentle slumber.

Skullcap: Imagine the hush of a soft, cool breeze as you sip your tea. Skullcap gently tucks your thoughts away, allowing your mind to find its quiet corner. Say goodbye to racing thoughts, and embrace tranquility.

Jasmine Leaf: Jasmine is more than just a fragrance; it's a bouquet of calm. Its gentle floral notes are an aromatic reminder to pause and savor the moment. Let the aroma take you away.

Stevia: Sweet dreams need a touch of sweetness, and stevia provides it without affecting your blood sugar levels. It's your little secret for a tea that's subtly sweet.

In every cup, we've blended these herbs with precise care, ensuring each one plays its unique role in guiding you towards tranquility. "Tranquil Dreams Tea" offers you more than a peaceful night; it offers you a moment of self-care.

Take time to appreciate each ingredientā€”nurture your body and mind. Let the chamomile lull you, the milky oats cradle you, the skullcap calm you, the jasmine lead you, and the stevia sweeten your dreams.


Size: 47 oz bag, makes approximately 30 teas.

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