I Am An Environmentalist

It is our collective and individual responsibility, to preserve and tend to Mother Gaia in which we all live. 

Imagine a world where your medicine cabinet contains the resins from trees, the alkaloids of flowers, and the oils from fresh green leaves. 

And when your loved one falls ill; the medicine of the plants guides you to natural remedies that work.  

And where you ignite plant-based rituals and ceremonies to facilitate your communities growth and healing.  


Herbaminah products comes in Amber glass. Amber glass is not only environmentally-friendly, but is 100% non-toxic. Plastic packaging accounts for 90% of all pollution is our oceans, and can leach harmful chemicals into our herbal products. 

Amber glass bottles are ideal for ensuring we reap all the wonderful benefits from active botanical ingredients. Just how the sun’s UV rays damage our skin if left unprotected, they also adversely affect the purity of our eco-friendly salon products.

Not only does amber glass protect delicate, organic ingredients from photo damage, but allows us to eliminate toxic, synthetic preservatives, like parabens.

Lets Not Forget To Mention Glass is 100% Non-Toxic and Safe.

In a recent study from Environmental Health Perspective, scientists found over 70% of plastic leaches hormone-mimicking chemicals into the substance it stores.

These undesirable plastic byproducts can wreak havoc on the human body’s endocrine system – the part of the body responsible for balancing hormones – making them exceptionally problematic for women.

Also known as estrogenic activity (EA) makers, these unseen ingredients are highly correlated with increased breast cancer rates – the most prominent cancer type among women in the United States.

When you choose eco-friendly salon products made with amber glass, you’re choosing products kind to your tresses, the environment, and your health.


 The first time I ever helped someone’s sleeplessness and stress with a simple tisane blend, I felt such a strong sense of familiarity, rightness, and resonance that I knew that something in my life had irrevocably changed. Stepping from curiosity into active involvement in herbalism was a form of initiation for me, a door opening into a world I’d always wanted to be a part of, but wasn’t sure I was good enough for. This transition also shifted my role in my community, and I became a person that others came to for help, advice, support, and information much more often than previously.

Now that I have witnessed and helped so many others through the same portal, this moment of transformation is something I think of as the taking on of the green mantle. I imagine it like the fairy shawl of Manx folklore, woven of living flowers, moss, and mushrooms that rests upon the shoulders of all who follow this path of devotion to the healing powers of the green world. When I meet someone with a deep connection to the plants, it almost seems as if I can see that mantle on them, and it never fails to remind me of the importance of connection and relationship in herbalism.

For me, herbalism is one part of pragmatism, in which I practice herbalism in order to take care of friends, family, and myself to the highest degree possible, and also to be able to teach other people to take better care of themselves and those they love. The other part is born purely of my passion for the plants, and my obsessive fascination with the effects they have on the body. I try to keep these two parts fairly balanced, making sure I can apply what I’m learning in a way that has tangible benefits but also focusing on a type of herbalism and healing that is satisfying to my whole self and allows me to experience my plant love on a daily basis. 


- Aminah K.